Come and Sing: JS Bach’s St John Passion, 8th April 2017

Saturday 8 April,

Registration £10, 11.30am – 12 noon

Rehearsal 12 noon – 1pm  (Supporting Chorus singing Chorales (Hymns))

Rehearsal  2pm – 3.15pm  (Supporting Chorus singing Chorales (Hymns) and Orchestra)

Concert 7.30 pm -9.30pm

St Helen’s Church, Saint Helen’s Wharf, Abingdon OX14 5BS


Bach: St John Passion

Registration £10; tickets £8

Sign up here

Timetable for the day

11.30 -12 noon Registration

Please enter St Helen’s Church QUIETLY as the Newman Singers will already be in rehearsal as you register.

Rehearsal 12 noon – 1pm (Supporting Chorus singing Chorales (Hymns))
Rehearsal 2pm – 3.15pm (Supporting Chorus singing Chorales (Hymns) and Orchestra)

3.15pm – 7pm FREE TIME to explore Abingdon-on-Thames and its wide range of eateries, and/or to return home to change clothes for the evening performance.

Dress code: Supporting Chorus members are asked to wear black below the waist with white tops for the performance.

19:30  Performance

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